The CANTON COOTON MILLS, which is a sewing factory for cotton fabrics, was established in 1899 at Atlanta, Georgia.

The CANTONⓇ brand had gradually lose momentum with the times after 1970's. Then, the CANTONⓇ brand entered a sleep state.

After that, the sewing factory, which was called CANTON COTTON MILLS, was also closed and disappeared from a center stage of the era at a moment.

In 2018, the CANTON COTTON MILLS changed the name to "CANTON COTTON MILLSⓇ" and restarted as a new apparel brand.

CANTON COTTON MILLSⓇ, as a sister brand of CANTON OVERALLSⓇ, would have provide new products, which are not only elaborated, but also adopted into the era.

「1899年にアメリカはジョージア州アトランタに興った綿織物を作るための紡績工場「CANTON COTTON MILLS」


その後「CANTON COTTON MILLS」という紡績工場も閉鎖してしまい一度は時代の表舞台からその姿を消しました

2018年「CANTON COTTON MILLSⓇ」をブランド名として新たにリスタート。

CANTON OVERALLSⓇの姉妹ブランドとして現代の時流に溶け込むようなタウンユースかつ、こだわりのある物作りを展開していきます。